Microblading, a revolution in the makeup industry in record time.

A lot of trends came and went in the last 10 years but microblading not only stayed but set up new goals and standards for the semi-permanent makeup treatments.

Microblading is for starters a better alternative than eyebrow tattooing. This technique is all about a very fine blade making micro incisions and depositing pigment in the eyebrow area that look as fine as natural hair. This is a semi-permanent make up technique that may last up to two years depending on skin type and care provided. Normally a visit to the microblading artist is needed to freshen it up after a year to keep the shape and color defined. More techniques have developed from there such as microshading, lip tint, eyeliner enhancement, beauty spot, etc. all of these techniques must be applied by a certified microblading artist, who are usually found at beauty salons or cosmetologist’s areas.

This technique started booming during the early 2010’s as bold, thick eyebrows were back on trend after two decades of having them super thin and plucked. Many women found out their eyebrows being patchy and shapeless due to the excess removal and the makeup industry seized this opportunity creating more eyebrow products. Fortunately or unfortunately, microblading won the bet.

The benefits of this treatment are among many a more natural look without much effort and a natural “lift” to the overall look. This technique allows less time applying makeup and less products to be bought which means that people don’t need to give much attention to eyebrows filling during a hectic morning routine. Also when done properly, microblading slightly emulates a lifted eye which is always welcome to any style.

The traditional makeup industry had to step up their game and bring to the market either complementary or same effect products for people using or wanting this technique. For example the eyebrow tattoo pen is an eyebrow pencil that instead of having one sharp point to draw with it has 3, 4 or up to 5 sharp points aligned next to each other to create hair like strokes. Other eyebrow makeup are gel-like tint that is applied, left in place for several minutes and removed before the rest of the makeup routine. Other conventional alternatives are pens with a thin brush tip just like eyeliner. Most of these options are provided in several different shades from light brown to black to choose the perfect fit for each natural eyebrow color.

Though the most popular brands have made their research and had introduced at least one desired product, the sales on eyebrow product purchases have had a descent on the market share for the time being. Though not everything is lost. Microblading or microshading techniques are done by trained professionals who are constantly updating their skills. However, mistakes can happen and a poor microblading job must be covered with eyebrow makeup, pencils and shadow gel being the best options.

To avoid this mistakes microblading artists are constantly attending specialized courses to be up to date with the newest skills and procedures. Additionally to that, the beauty industry has improved and upgraded the tools needed such as the blades and pigments. In the last 5 years pigments have developed so far as having a wider assortment of shades, some of them even matching the undertones of the skin or being able to be blended with other shades of the same brand to achieve the perfect tone.

This alternative of semi-permanent makeup is still on the rise as lip blushing or eyeliner yet have most of the benefits such as a clean natural look without too many products or time consuming. In our nowadays rushed society this qualities are highly appreciated and sought after by most people, a thing that the beauty industry really understands and thrives for it.  


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