Can I do Microblading while pregnant? Fortunately yes!

While being pregnant can mean avoiding certain things, microblading is not one of them, though must be done carefully.

It is said that pregnant women have this certain glow to them and while this is true, caused by an increase of blood flow and hormones overall, is not all a mom-to-be needs to look her best. Makeup and many beauty or hair treatments can still be done safely in pregnant women. One of this treatments is microblading which gives fullness, shape and color to the eyebrows.

But why is it important to be careful if it is safe to do? Microblading, as any other health or beauty procedure or treatment, has innate risks for everybody not just pregnant ladies. One of microblading’s risk is infection if not cared for or treated properly. This semi-permanent technique makes tiny hair like incisions in the eyebrow and deposits color pigment in this incisions. A special aftercare is need to heal the numerous tiny cuts. Washing and sterilizing the mini wounds constantly and applying a healing gel or balm every set amount of hours must be done. This is actually very easy to do but if not done properly (or at all) it may lead to infection, bad healing and other hassles that may not be terribly difficult to mend. But this situation for pregnant women becomes very challenging as they cannot just take any medication or remedy per medical recommendation if something goes wrong.

On the other hand if done for the first time, there is always a risk of being allergic to a substance without knowing it beforehand, be it the pigment or the local anesthesia or any of the aftercare products . As allergic reactions vary from one person to the other this becomes especially dangerous for pregnancies, again as many medications must not be used while expecting.

Additionally to external risks, the first trimester of the pregnancy is delicate to every woman and for the time being new procedures are generally discouraged. The main reason for doctors to “forbid” or speak against this is to dismiss unusual happenings if anything were to happen to the baby in this delicate stage. By not having any additional or unusual risk, is easier for doctor to determine what is happening if anything goes awry.

On the bright side if a lady is already experienced with microblading, microshading, lip blushing, or any other kind of permanent makeup is very safe to use after the first trimester. This also helps to prepare the new mom for the upcoming months when enjoying life with the new baby with more than one sleepless night, leaves not much thought left for brow styling.

At the end, the best course of action is first, talking and asking any concerns with the obstetrician and then with your local permanent makeup artist. Remember each person has different needs and the experts should always be the to-go sources for this kind of enquiries. Also remember to wait at least after the first trimester has passed safely and to listen to your body if you feel comfortable or uncomfortable with the procedure and its risks.


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